Les Contes Maudits (CoMa) – Project Announcement

Guess who made the gorgeous logo for CoMa VN? (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

Fantasy Matter

FantasyMatter‘s first project ! Yeah, you heard that right. We’re finally back with more news! And here we announce…

les contes maudits logo

Shortened CoMa, Les Contes Maudits is a fantasy otome game set in a fantastical-Renaissance setting with several fairy-tale influences. You’ll play as Elizabeth, a fallen princess who is forced to fare for herself in a cruel world, that until a Lord offers her his help. At the new home, you will discover that you’re not the only one the Lord has graced with his help… Will there be a faithful encounter? Or will it all lead to a horrible mistake? That’s for you to decide.

Game page has been updated and you can go check it out HERE. More updates will be added in the near future.

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My Fairies

My Fairies Bios

She is a gardening-talent fairy, but live at a water-talent house because it was more her type of house. The active type, who loves to fly around and play with animals. Very determinated, when she want something she gets it. She do what her wanna do, most of time she doesnt listen to others.
She is a light-talent fairy who loves all shine things. Very playful, sometimes she play pranks at others. Her favourite friend is a firefly called LightUp. Also she is a very fashion fairy, that wanna wear the last trends.
She is a gardening-talent fairy and love to be one. Caring and friendly she can make friends very easy. She love all plants to animals, she wanna take care of all of them. You can find she reading or talking with flowers.

Disney Fairies It

You can edit your house at Diney It !!! [http://www.disney.it/disney-fairies/crea-una-fata/]
If you click [Cambia la tu pagina] the page will not work and you cant access your fairy, needed to create other fairy after this. I havent tested [Cambia il tuo aspetto], so I dont know if you wanna change your fairy clothes it will make the page not to work.

Scarlet is a garden-talent fairy, but I wanted a water home, so she was put into water-talent. You can visit my fairy at [http://www.disney.it/disney-fairies/crea-una-fata/gioca?address=99076StillwaterSprings]

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